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New World Technology PartnersNew World Technology Partners
NWTP is a collaboration of engineering, financial and government leaders incubating strategic technologies and business ventures that have national security and public policy implications; most recently pursuing advanced cyber and electronic technologies that increase yield or reduce risk to Critical Infrastructure. Since 1978, they have introduced transformational intellectual property and launched new businesses – for entrepreneurial clients and for their own portfolio.

New World Technology leverages Oglethorpe Capital’s expertise and years of risk mitigation experience in the Energy, Financial, and Public sectors to institutional and high net–worth investors interested in next generation growth opportunities.

Evolve CFO
Evolve CFO lets you get back to your business by solving the Accounting, Tax, Finance, and HR issues that consume your time.

In an evolving industry, the roles on your team have changed. Evolve CFO isn't just a vendor or advisor, but a core pillar of support for your operations – a differentiator that allows your company to grow in ways others can’t.

With deep expertise and vast experience, Evolve CFO is taking the old ways of running your back office and bringing them to the modern, flexible, efficient market.http://evolvecfo.com